A Free Wonkomance Advisory

As a reader, I have been a kid in a candy store with these digitized older releases coming out…. and so often they are free, so I guess it’s more like Halloween than a store.

Anyways. One such book was Texas Outlaw by Adrienne De Wolfe. In a lot of ways it conforms to the historical western tropes of yore – and honestly, I dig that! But one wonky thing about it is that the heroine is a whore, and I mean a real one, not where she was in that role but never actually DID any whoring (a situation which seems to be common in historicals of all ages). That’s not even the wonky really part. She is a thief, like real bad thief, and the people in her hang hold up train passengers and actually kill them. Really, there’s no logical reason this woman should be sympathetic, but she IS, so this book is worth reading based on the how-to-make-unsympathetic-heroines-sympathetic aspect alone.

And it’s free right now, so go download it now.

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  1. Ruthie says:

    Done. Thanks for the advisory!