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“I Am Always Reading Them” — A Primer On Reading

I recently complicated my own kid’s love affair with books, and I’m not even a little sorry, in fact, it’s worse, because I knowingly led him to a book hangover so wretched, he refused to speak to me for nearly … Continue reading

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Serena Bell and Mary Ann Rivers are collecting photos of the spaces where writers write after what proved to be a too-short but incredibly fascinating thread on twitter September 21, 2013. Serena posted, after a home office clean-up, a picture … Continue reading

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What I Learned This Summer, In a Word

This has been the summer of the one-word-title non-fiction books. So far I’ve read Quiet, Banished, and Mindset. My Amazon recommendations don’t know what to do with me. I wrote about Susan Cain’s Quiet, an exploration of introversion, earlier this … Continue reading

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