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Ten Things I Will Never Learn

I participated in a great conversation at the airport on the way home from RWA last year about how learning to be an author is not just about achieving 10,000 hours of craft mastery. I believe it was Del Dryden … Continue reading

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Because I Didn’t Do Enough – #RWA14

I learned something about myself at RWA this year. Ok, I learned many things about myself. I learned that I cannot hang with Texas salsa—my Midwesterner taste buds are pepper-challenged. I learned that, yes, it’s still just as easy as … Continue reading

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don’t know how to say goodbye

If you’ve been following along at home, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should, you might have noticed I usually write about reading. Occasionally feeling. Sometimes reading and feeling, if I’m in a particularly brave mood. Also sometimes television. … Continue reading

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