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When fucked up people find love & an announcement

Romance is a flexible mistress, bestowing its pleasure in the darkest of environments, between the most broken of people. A fifty-year-old man who works as a metro bus driver and is a virgin is a sad picture. But then one … Continue reading

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Tell Me You Love Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! …All right, now that we have that nonsense out of the way— Oh, wait. Hmm. It’s Valentine’s Day. A day of flowers and chocolates, champagne and Hallmark cards, proposals and kisses and hand-holding, and a truly horrifying … Continue reading

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Historical Wonktastical: Courtney Milan, OMG, Courtney Milan (#1)

As I mentioned when last I wonked here, Courtney Milan‘s historicals feature a number of wonktastic folks (heroes in particular) so it was difficult to choose. But in the end I had to go for Ned Carhart of Trial by … Continue reading

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