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Megan Hart’s Broken: What Erotica Can Teach Romance

I never read as just a reader. No matter how good a book is, no matter how engaging it is, the writer part of me is always alert and attentive, taking it apart, learning how it’s put together, admiring a … Continue reading

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The Champion of Wonk: Editor Carolyn Nichols and Loveswept

In Serena Bell’s recent, excellent interview with Theresa Weir, Theresa said in answer to a question about her favorite “offbeat/thinky/champion-of-the-wounded romance writers”: Back in the day, I really loved Loveswept authors and loved what was going on at Bantam’s Loveswept. … Continue reading

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How far is too far in Wonkomance?

I like to skate the edge of romance in my reading. That is true of all of us, seeing as you’re at Wonkomance, but how far is too far? The answer is going to be different for every person. That’s … Continue reading

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