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Interview: Claire Kent, Author of Escorted

I’m pleased to host Claire Kent this morning on Wonkomance. Claire Kent is the author of Escorted, in which a twenty-six-year-old virgin, Lori, hires a male escort, Ander, to rid her of her unwanted innocence. The self-published book has won … Continue reading

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Poetry Wonk: Fort Red Border by Kiki Petrosino

“If you just asked me to give up my horses I’d give up my horses” Kiki Petrosino, Fort Red Border, “Sense-Certainty” I love anagrams. One anagram of my full legal name is so terribly, awkwardly dirty that I regularly use … Continue reading

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Cinémawonque Analysis: Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman (1990) is such a modern classic of the mainstream romance genre, I think it’s incredibly easy to forget exactly how wonked this story is. In fact, I’ve attended writing workshops in which it’s used as a universal reference … Continue reading

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