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Spirituality and the Work of Writing

I first met Amber Belldene in person in the Starbucks in the Marriott at RWA 2013. We’d exchanged a few tweets, and I’d always found her funny and sympathetic. In person, I liked her right away — she has a … Continue reading

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Not Your Good Girl

All my life people have been telling me no… Don’t wear that skirt. Don’t be a tease. Don’t tell anyone. Everything was a negative. I only heard the term sex positive for the first time a few years ago. Did … Continue reading

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Love Is Better Than Hate

I’m trying not to hate my body. It is very, very hard. I have spent as much of my life as I can remember hating my body, or liking my body but only conditionally. I will like you, body, if you … Continue reading

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