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Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Guest Post by Sarina Bowen

Or: Is it Possible to Write Realistic Sexytimes When We’re all so Freaking Different? Hello, everyone! Amy Jo here, welcoming Sarina Bowen to Wonkomance today. Sarina and I were in a box set together earlier this year and her book, … Continue reading

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

My book CALLING HIS BLUFF (The Tylers, Book 3) released recently and one of the reviewers commented that she enjoyed the “remember when…” moments. Sarah and JD, the main characters, have known each other from childhood. JD is Sarah’s brother’s … Continue reading

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Stepping Through the Wardrobe

Months ago, Tiffany Reisz mentioned something on Twitter about Portal Fantasies, those stories where a character literally passes through some kind of doorway to another world. It started me thinking about the subject and why I love those types of … Continue reading

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