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Running Your Own Startup: Author Version

My husband and I have both worked in tech startups in the past and our experiences have ranged from oh-my-God-make-the-pain-stop to woo-hoo-this-rules! Startups are an interesting ride, because as early employees, we’re often required to wear a lot of hats. … Continue reading

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All For You and The Lost Years

I recently had a conversation with a fellow mom in which I described these past few years of my life as “The Lost Years.” I was having a bad day. I don’t actually feel like these are lost years, but … Continue reading

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Speaking Truth

You’ve all probably heard of Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign by now. If you haven’t, brief summary: Dove (parent company: Unilever) has partnered with Twitter to call out women who tweet “negative” (um, hello, subjective) things and to encourage (read: command) them … Continue reading

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