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Aim for the Middle (Oh, and Also, There Is No Middle)

Sometimes I try to remember how and why exactly we started this group blog. It would have been very savvy for us to have said, one day, “We all write erotic romance with somewhat similar levels of heat and wit … Continue reading

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Wonko Weigh-In: Sexy Romance, Erotic Romance, and Erotica

One of the topics that comes up again and again in the romance-writer blog + Twitterverse is the whole issue of how to define what sort of romance-with-sex one is writing or reading, as the case may be. Is it … Continue reading

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Argue With Me

Not so very long ago, our beloved Mary Ann Rivers knocked all our Wonkomance socks off with┬áher post on using classical appeals to back up your wonky love story. This post, which involved Shakespeare, Aristotle, and Star Trek: The Next … Continue reading

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