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Thinking about wonkomance from an author’s perspective.

Hearing Through the Static

I wrote in a blog post recently about how exposed parenting makes you feel. I said there were a lot of phrases out there to describe what it was like to be a parent — walking around with your underwear … Continue reading

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Creating Dynamic Heroes: The 28/40 Method

I was at dinner last week with a couple of writer friends, and one of them jogged my memory about something I’d said a long while back. Such a long while back, in fact, I can’t recall if it was … Continue reading

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What’s Your Core Story? A Guest Post by Megan Mulry

Recently, Megan Mulry was Tweeting about core story, and I was intrigued. And frightened! But mostly intrigued. I’d circled around this concept of every author writing versions of the same book again and again — in a good way, as a sort of … Continue reading

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