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Thinking about wonkomance from an author’s perspective.

On Escapism in Historical Romance, Part II

So I am having this epiphany about escapism and wonkomance — about what I most want to read, and what I most want to write — and it’s all Erin Satie and Courtney Milan’s fault. Blame them for all these … Continue reading

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McKenna’s Field Guide to Heroes of North America

I’ve been thinking a lot about hero archetypes. I just wrapped revisions on a book starring an abrasive, larger-than-life showman; I’ve got two works-in-progress, one featuring a broody, damaged loner and the other a big, lovable, hapless clod; I’m editing … Continue reading

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Shaking Dogs: a Visual Feast of Representative Wonkery

Howdy all! This is going to be a digression from my usual longwinded discussions of deep psychoanalysis in historical wonkomances, to bring you something a little lighter for the holidays. Pictures are copyrighted, so you’ll have to LOOK HERE to … Continue reading

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