Wonk Is in the Blood

Serena Bell has written a number of thoughtful posts in which she suggests that wonk is unavoidable, for a certain sort of writer. And Del Dryden wrote a wonderful post just yesterday suggesting that for wonky characters, weirdness is not optional. It justĀ is. And their journey is about figuring out that their difference is an asset.

Well. Let me just say. Today I saw this . . .

And it makes me think two things simultaneously.

(1) This guy is not wonk-optional. His wonkiness is deep in his bones or his blood. There’s no way to get it out.

(2) I have to write a book about him. Have. To. Havetohavetohavetohaveto.

And what (2) tells me is that, yes, Serena is right. Del is right. It’s just in me. I can’t get it out. I simply have to turn it to my advantage.

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4 Responses to Wonk Is in the Blood

  1. Amber Lin says:

    Re: Morning Glory, I was totally with Ellie when Will kept insisting about the bees. I mean, getting stung, the crawling, the buzzing, no no no. *shudder*

  2. Kate D. says:

    My favorite part: “Always wear a hat and a veil. When approaching your hive, you always want to approach your hive from behind.” I think you might need put this beekeeper book on the fast track, Ruthie!