Wonkomance, LIVE!

Win_Lose_WONK copyNext week the Romantic Times Booklovers’ Convention is going down in Dallas, and Wonkomance is going to be there! On Wednesday at 2:30, A.J., Amber, Cara, Shari and Shelley are going to be hosting a fun event for readers called Win, Lose or WONK, and we’d love for you to join us! The room will be divided into two teams. Us Wonksters pick a pair of index cards at random—one quirk, one occupation, inspired by some of our own books—and draw, Pictionary-style, the resulting mash-up romance protagonist (i.e., “nudist billionaire” or “narcoleptic pilot”). Whichever audience member shouts out the correct answer first wins a signed book, plus a point for their team, and the team with the most points at the end of the hour wins the game! Fun, right? Plus there’s going to be free candy and shit. We can’t wait to see you there!

Even if you’re not coming to RT, we still want you to participate. We’re soliciting suggestions for quirks and occupations from your favorite wonktastical books, ones that’ll be fun to draw and make for wacky character combinations. For quirks, think adjectives—unusual personality traits or habits. For occupations, think nouns—actual jobs or things like “zombie.” Just toss them in the comments, and be sure to mention which book they’re from. For example, “Beekeeper, from Ruthie Knox’s Truly.” Have at it, kids!

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