Serena Bell and Mary Ann Rivers are collecting photos of the spaces where writers write after what proved to be a too-short but incredibly fascinating thread on twitter September 21, 2013.

Serena posted, after a home office clean-up, a picture of her writing space with the tweet “Where I Write.” Mary Ann tweeted back a picture of her own space. Within minutes several other writers tweeted their spaces and Serena and Mary Ann couldn’t help but recognize the weight and sweetness and power of seeing where writers make their words.

So we want more.

We want to see your home offices, your corner in the coffee shop, your space between the laundry basket and the toy bin. We want to see your knick-knacks and your clutter, or your acres of pristine desk with nothing but a pen and Moleskine.

Take of picture of where you work, where the muse visits you and where she abandons you. Let us see the room of your own, even if it’s not even a room yet, or not even yours.

Send your picture to rumposinc at gmail dot com with the subject line WHERE I WRITE.

On Oct 4, we’ll post all the spaces with your name. Let your friends know, too. The more writers’ spaces we see, we think the more interesting and powerful the impact will be. These are, after all, spaces where imagination has occupied.


Serena, Mary Ann, and the Wonkomance Crew

Virginia Woolf's Writing Space

Virginia Woolf’s Writing Space

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