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Amnesiac virgin temptress meets erotica-writing superdad!

Marriage (sorta) of convenience (ish)? Check! Heroine with amnesia? Check! I’ve known you all my life–epiphany/where you been all my life? Checkeroo! Ladies and gentlemen, we are GO FOR LAUNCH into historical wonkery, thanks once again to the deft hand … Continue reading

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My mind is a blank

Folks, it’s hard to follow a post that involves a recommendation featuring surprise anal. I’m not gonna lie. I’m daunted. I also haven’t read any good wonk lately, myself, in part because I’m working on about three different manuscripts right … Continue reading

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40% More Anguish, Mojito, Photography, Shakespeare, Monster Zit

So, I had dinner with an old friend the other day. She’s a publishing neophyte, just polishing her first finished manuscript to submit to agents, and as we hadn’t caught up in awhile we had LOTS to talk about. It … Continue reading

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