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Bad Blogger! No Biscuit! And also Natural Law.

(a post in which I am simultaneously ashamed and self-congratulatory) Yes, yes, I forgot my wonkoposting. All my fault. I had calendar reminders and everything. But I was busy! Doing what, you ask? Writing this post for RT Book Reviews … Continue reading

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“What a weird, kinky f*cker…”

Time for a little shameless self-promo here. Well, not shameless – I always experience a bit of shame when doing this – but brazen at least. *cues trumpets* THE THEORY OF ATTRACTION drops July 9th, which is Monday! Only four … Continue reading

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Timey-wimey Wonk: A Rabbit Trail of Serendipitous Thought

One of the questions on our group interview for the HEA blog was whether historical romance is particularly suited to wonk. To which , of course, I answered yes, because the realities of the past were often so absurd by … Continue reading

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