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Amber Lin writes sexy romance about messed up people, because everyone deserves a happy ending. Find her books or sign up for the newsletter at her website

A Writer’s Experience

I’ve been thinking about my experience as a person and how that funnels into what I write. I mean, they’re definitely related. And by related, I mean wrapped up so tightly that it would take a psychologist and a crowbar … Continue reading

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Meandering Words About Sacrifice

I started reading this book the other day. I didn’t really know much about it except that the cover had a gun, blood and a flower on the cover. Apparently that’s all it takes for me. Turns out this is … Continue reading

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On Voice

The last post on Wonkomance was like the smartest thing written about writing, so if you’re looking for something insightful and mind-bending, CLICK HERE. For those of you still with me, I’ve been thinking about voice lately. No, scratch that. … Continue reading

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