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The Love Graph

I love arranging. Organizing. Boxes, drawers, cabinets. Charts, lists, spreadsheets. Order out of chaos. In my mind, Heaven looks like a fantastically enormous, perfectly-organized closet. Arranging is my thing. It’s not just fun. It’s essential. When I’m stressed, I clean … Continue reading

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Die Another Day

Trigger warning in this post for abusive relationships. I got an edit letter today from a new editor and it crushed me like a grape. Squish. Some of the things in it, I wasn’t surprised by. I had a general … Continue reading

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They’re Really More Like Guidelines, Anyway (Or – Fuzzy Handcuffs, Chemistry, and How I Put a Date in the Hospital)

Hey, everyone! Audra here. I’m so excited to welcome a guest post from Cole McCade, a fellow romance author whom I met (not surprisingly) on Twitter. Also not surprisingly, I immediately adored him and was so thrilled when he agreed … Continue reading

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