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About Charlotte Stein

Charlotte is a writer of erotica and erotic romance, with a book currently out from Black Lace, and an almost-novella in the works with Total-E-Bound! Read more >

Random Obsession

Okay, today I’m going to talk about robots. Because of reasons, ok? Because I just want to. It has almost nothing to do with the fact that I totally forgot I had to post and also because I am currently … Continue reading

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Writing VS Content

I don’t know if this is a post about wonkiness, though it’s probably going to turn out to be. It’s just something I’ve been thinking of, lately, in regard to several different phenomenon – namely 50 Shades of Grey, the … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Sausage

Something struck me during all the coverage a certain book has been getting – to the point where I had to make words with my fingers about it, here. After all, it’s pretty apropos, considering. And by apropos, I probably … Continue reading

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