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The Wonk is in the Telling: The movie SIDEWALLS (Medianeras)

When my husband and I were first falling in love, we’d hang out in his attic apartment in Ames, Iowa on Monday nights. The ceilings were sloping, and there was a big Robert Smith poster looming over everything. My future … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek to Me: Argue for Your Wonk with Classical Appeals

Imagine you’re a 17th-century theatre goer of some means headed to Blackfriars Theater for a night of Romance and Spectacle with a little wry king-bashing and trap-door special fx. Imagine too, that the billing is something certified wonktastical complete with … Continue reading

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Poetry Wonk: Fort Red Border by Kiki Petrosino

“If you just asked me to give up my horses I’d give up my horses” Kiki Petrosino, Fort Red Border, “Sense-Certainty” I love anagrams. One anagram of my full legal name is so terribly, awkwardly dirty that I regularly use … Continue reading

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