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don’t know how to say goodbye

If you’ve been following along at home, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should, you might have noticed I usually write about reading. Occasionally feeling. Sometimes reading and feeling, if I’m in a particularly brave mood. Also sometimes television. … Continue reading

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Taking Books to Bed: Amber Belldene on How Reading Shapes Our Sex Lives

I’m delighted to welcome Amber Belldene to Wonkomance today. Amber, thank you so much for guest-posting! Amber writes paranormal and contemporary romance and is an Episcopal priest and student of religion. To quote Amber’s bio, some people think it’s strange … Continue reading

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I have no idea what I’m doing.

Take a look in your forgotten story drawer. Just open it up, and rifle through the text. Deeper. Older. There you go. Back there. Way in the back, that story that’s maybe barely in there any more, the one on … Continue reading

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