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Thinking about wonkomance from an author’s perspective.

Interview: Claire Kent, Author of Escorted

I’m pleased to host Claire Kent this morning on Wonkomance. Claire Kent is the author of Escorted, in which a twenty-six-year-old virgin, Lori, hires a male escort, Ander, to rid her of her unwanted innocence. The self-published book has won … Continue reading

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Constraints and Freedom: The Wonky Appeal of Category Romance

People love to slag off romance, and they love to slag off category romance most of all. “Those books are all the same,” they’ll say. Forgettable. Trashy. Full of the same ol’, same ol’ recycled tropes, time after time. But … Continue reading

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Lovable Losers and a Free Read

Lately I’ve had losers on the brain. Those blue-collar, struggling guys who can’t catch a break and the heroine who gives them one. Yum…. And it seems like they’re coming up in the romance world. Well, I’m writing one such … Continue reading

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