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Thinking about wonkomance from an author’s perspective.

Bollywood Wonkiness

At the urging of my dance teacher, who is a Bollywood devotee, I watched the movie Dostana. I’m not experienced enough to know whether this movie is particularly wonked by Bollywood standards, but I know it’s wonked by American movie … Continue reading

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Timey-wimey Wonk: A Rabbit Trail of Serendipitous Thought

One of the questions on our group interview for the HEA blog was whether historical romance is particularly suited to wonk. To which , of course, I answered yes, because the realities of the past were often so absurd by … Continue reading

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A Post Wherein Cara Apologizes for Killing People’s Moms

With Mother’s Day fast approaching here in the States, I’d like to use this post to apologize to moms. Firstly to my own mom, for any stretch marks she’s suffered on my behalf, and for the hormone-spurred grief I caused … Continue reading

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