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Thinking about wonkomance from an author’s perspective.

A Dewy Pink Rose By Any Other Name

Erotic romance authors have all been there. Your hero—because he’s AWESOME—is camped out downtown between the heroine’s creamy thighs. It’s been going on for a paragraph or so when disaster strikes! His lips are center stage. So are hers—her nether-lady-lips. … Continue reading

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(Non?) Consenting Adults

I’m on the brink of a cross-country move, so I’m thrilled to welcome my friend and fellow New England Chapter RWA member Katy Cooper as our guest-poster today. Katy is author of the Harlequin Historicals Prince of Hearts and Lord … Continue reading

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First Person POV’s Have More Fun

Third person POV, alternating between the hero and heroine, has got to be the most common POV set in romancelandia. However… my personal favorite to read is first-person POV. I just get into it more! Speaking in technical terms, of … Continue reading

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