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Book Report: Wifey (1978)

“HIDE IT WHERE THE CHILDREN WON’T SEE IT!” —Cincinnati Enquirer When I was cleaning under the bed the other day—for the first time in what unearthed issues of Harper’s suggested must be close to two years—I uncovered my yellowed copy … Continue reading

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An Interview with Theresa Weir

I’m thrilled to welcome Theresa Weir to Wonkomance this morning. For those of you who don’t know her, she writes wonky romance as Theresa Weir and suspense as Anne Frasier (the official bio at the end of this post will … Continue reading

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Fine Young Cannibal: Beau Crusoe by Carla Kelly

So I recently read Carla Kelly’s Beau Crusoe, and now I can’t shut up about it. I read it because Willaful mentioned it in the comments to Cara’s last post about heroines. Cara threw out a reference to “the romance … Continue reading

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