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Wuv, Twue Wuv: The Princess Bride’s Love Stories

  Everyone knows that The Princess Bride is a love story. But when I revisited it,  I found that the love story between Westley and Buttercup is only one among many. The first love story, introduced even before the romance, … Continue reading

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Hallelujah: Orgasm and Transcendence

The first time I heard Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” was in my now-brother-in-law, Nick’s, apartment, where at the time, my husband and I hung out frequently, drinking wine, listening to music, and shooting the breeze. Nick had just bought kick-ass new … Continue reading

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Argue With Me

Not so very long ago, our beloved Mary Ann Rivers knocked all our Wonkomance socks off with her post on using classical appeals to back up your wonky love story. This post, which involved Shakespeare, Aristotle, and Star Trek: The Next … Continue reading

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