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Bollywood Wonkiness

At the urging of my dance teacher, who is a Bollywood devotee, I watched the movie Dostana. I’m not experienced enough to know whether this movie is particularly wonked by Bollywood standards, but I know it’s wonked by American movie … Continue reading

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If This Is Love, I Hate It: The Windflower, an Epic of Wonk

One of the most beloved historical romances of all time begins with the line, “Merry Patricia Wilding was sitting on a cobblestone wall, sketching three rutabagas and daydreaming about the unicorn.” Rutabagas and unicorns. In the first sentence. Does it … Continue reading

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The Virgin Hero

What is so damn sexy about a romance hero who’s a virgin? I don’t know, but they drive me crazy. I know heroes are supposed to be experienced, they’re supposed to be knowledgeable. They can make the heroine come in … Continue reading

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