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Amber Lin writes sexy romance about messed up people, because everyone deserves a happy ending. Find her books or sign up for the newsletter at her website

Certified Wonk: LOLCat Edition

Here are 10 things I loved about the latest Certified Wonkomance… 10. Much of the book is narrated by the heroine’s CAT. Her cat, who used to belong to her husband who is now deceased, and is currently her best … Continue reading

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Certified Wonkomance: Naughty Bankers Edition

Every once in a while there is a book that sucks me in, that turns me upside down. And then I want to automatically download it onto everyone’s Kindle and make everyone read it so they can FEEL AWESOME TOO. … Continue reading

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First Person POV’s Have More Fun

Third person POV, alternating between the hero and heroine, has got to be the most common POV set in romancelandia. However… my personal favorite to read is first-person POV. I just get into it more! Speaking in technical terms, of … Continue reading

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