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We Look the Same on the Inside: A Guest Post by Audra North

Today I have the privilege of welcoming back “friend of Wonk” Audra North back with a personal essay on race, reading, writing, and romance. Take it away, Audra! ———— I’m a mixed-race kid. A hapa, born in the late ‘70s, … Continue reading

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The Cornucopia of Luuuuurve: A Guest Post by Amy Jo Cousins

Ruthie here — just a quick introduction to Amy Jo Cousins, a Friend of Wonk. We asked AJ to write this guest post for us after she shared an earlier version of these reflections with a number of the Wonksters. … Continue reading

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What’s Your Core Story? A Guest Post by Megan Mulry

Recently, Megan Mulry was Tweeting about core story, and I was intrigued. And frightened! But mostly intrigued. I’d circled around this concept of every author writing versions of the same book again and again — in a good way, as a sort of … Continue reading

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