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a tongue twister, bi-erasure, and some gifs

Please excuse me while I engage in some shameless self-promotion. Last week, Amber and I finished our second collaboration. Let’s pause for some honey badger dancing. Feel free to fire the glitter cannon. It’s another round of raunchy rollicking rock … Continue reading

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Wonkocast – An Invitation

Have you ever finished reading a great book and wished you could chat with the author over coffee (or wine or vodka shots)? That’s the plan behind Wonkocasts. Once a month we’ll invite a guest to join us for a … Continue reading

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Beards: A Love Story

I have a secret. Until I was 22, I hated beards. Hated them like some kids hate clowns. (I know. I know. How could I?) The story of the time I screamed bloody murder at the sight of my bearded … Continue reading

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